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Over 330 million customers are on Twitter. How many customers are yours?

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As of July 2020, Twitter had audience reach of  62.55 million users in US alone. That number continues to grow at a frantic pace as more people own Web-enabled mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

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Twitter users share their experiences with products and services all the time. They tweet about what they like and what they don’t; things they’ve just discovered and those they wish they hadn’t. All these tweets reach their followers, who also have their own following. In the Twittersphere, a message can reach thousands of eyes in just a few hours … or even a few minutes.

While a large part of those Twitter accounts belong to individuals, the rest are owned by businesses that have discovered a more practical use for this simple but extremely effective social networking tool.

For those businesses, Twitter is a powerful medium where you can:

  • Gain Massive Local Exposure
  • Build Customer Loyalty and Word of Mouth Referrals
  • Build Relationships and Increase Sales

Through your Twitter account, you can also:

  • Make Announcements Regarding Discounts, Promos, Loyalty Programs, etc.
  • Conduct Surveys for Product or Service Improvement
  • Understand What Drives Your Target Consumers to Purchase Products and Services that You Offer

It is a reasonably priced but highly effective way of building strong customer relationships.

If you still haven’t figured how to tap into this medium and grow your business through it, don’t worry. Dialed-In Local is here to help. We have crafted a custom Twitter Marketing program out of our Social Media Marketing services that will enable you to maximize the potential of Twitter and turn it into a potent piece of your marketing strategy.

With our help, you will:

  • Harness Twitter as a Cost Effective Marketing Tool for your Business
  • Make your Business More Visible to Twitter Users in Your Area Especially Your Potential Customers.
  • Develop Relationships with Your Local Target Market.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty and Referral Rate

Want your business to be on top of Twitter nation?  Contact us today! 

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