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It’s no secret that a successful campaign in the world’s largest social network – Facebook – can boost your presence in the social media scene like no other network can. Even if just a small percentage of Facebook’s 2.7 billion monthly active users (and counting) will get to your page, that could still translate to thousands of people who may Like your page, Follow your brand, or Share your posts with other users.

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Now let’s say those few thousands are individuals who have a high chance of actually liking your page,participating in your promo, subscribing to your newsletter, and eventually, buying your product or service, wouldn’t that be even better?

This is exactly the type of marketing opportunity that Facebook Advertising opens up for businesses: The chance to reach out to your targeted audience, and with the right ads, gain them as new customers. Facebook ads can be targeted based on location, demographic, and interests. For as long as you know your target market well, you can deliver high-precision ads to the people who matter most to your business.

But simply knowing what Facebook Advertising can do for you doesn’t automatically mean you can use this marketing tool to your best advantage. You would still need professional Facebook Advertising services that can get your ad campaign up and running, and get your business the exposure it needs.

These services and more are what you get from Dialed-In Local. We have a deep understanding of how advertising in Facebook works and we can leverage on this knowledge to give you the utmost value for your marketing budget.

With specialized and continued training from social media gurus Amy Porterfield (FB Influence) and Brian Moran (Get 10,000 Fans), Dialed-In Local FB advertising specialists guarantee that you get your fair share of the vast consumer market in Facebooklandia.

Our highly-experienced Facebook Advertising team can:

  • Research on and identify your targeted demographic;
  • Successfully launch highly-targeted campaigns such as special offers, promotions, newsletter opt-ins, and others;
  • Ensure that your posts stay on fans’ newsfeeds longer;
  • Conceptualize and design the most engaging and compelling ads; and
  • Achieve higher click-through rates.

More importantly, we keep up with the constant updates to the features of Facebook advertising, so that when the social network makes it easier for brands to improve their ability to target users and content, you are right there with them.

Be on the new frontier of targeted advertising. Call Dialed-In Local at (469) 587-9833 or contact us here today to know more about our efficient and effective Facebook Advertising solutions.

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