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If you haven’t been paying much attention to the reputation you’ve built online, it’s high time you did. While every business aims to please all its customers, there could always be those few not-so-satisfied clients who would vent their displeasure on the one channel where potential customers could easily find it: the Internet. Are negative reviews giving you a bad rep online?

How good do you look online? Take control of your online image now.

Reputation Management Dallas TXDialed-In Local knows all about managing both good and bad reviews. We understand the value of maintaining a good online image and that’s why our Tampa and St Petersburg Online Reputation Management services are focused not only on establishing a stellar online reputation for our business clients but also on helping them recover from negative reviews if needed.

But how exactly do online reviews affect businesses?

In this day and age where the Internet is everywhere and social media rules, consumers can easily access all types of information on local businesses – from restaurants to specialty shops to professional services and more.

The Local Consumer Review Survey 2012 conducted on US, Canada and UK consumers yields some telling results:

  • 85% of consumers say they use the Internet to find a local business;
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations;
  • 52% of consumers are likely to patronize a local business or service with positive reviews;
  • 65% of consumers only read about 2 to 10 reviews to form an opinion about a business.

It’s clear that online reviews have pretty much taken over word-of-mouth advertising. With consumers putting more value in them, the rules are quite straightforward: positive reviews can give your credibility a boost, while negative ones can hurt your chances of acquiring new customers.

But the task of constantly monitoring online reviews and comments may just be too much work for a business. Let us do this job so you can do yours.

Dialed-In Local’s Online Reputation Management services in Tampa (FL) and St Petersburg include:

  • Providing consultation and best practices training on managing online reviews;
  • Implementing proven review strategies that can improve online reputation;
  • Helping businesses get fresh reviews that are good;
  • Increasing visibility of positive reviews;
  • Responding to good and not-so-good reviews on behalf of clients;
  • Monitoring progress of online review management initiatives.

Businesses can rise or fall on the strength of their online image. Don’t take the risk of leaving your online reputation to chance. If you know your products and services are good, there’s no reason why prospective customers should think otherwise.

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